The Chapel of the Eucharistic Miracle

Sited at the back of the apse, the Chapel of the Eucharistic Miracle houses the remeining evidence of an Eucharistic Miracle
occured in Lanciano in 1273 which tells the story of Giacomo Stasio and Ricciarella, who, in order to reach some kind of domestic peace, mixed a consecrated host with her husband's food. The host turned into bleeding strips of flesh. After long vicissitudes
the miracle has been officially recognized at last. These precious relics, jealously kept inside this church for many years, consist
of a thirteenth - century table - cloth, which is unique in its kind, a blood - stained cup and a piece of host turned into flesh and blood. The whole is kept inside a fourteenth - century silver cross created by a renowned Venetian goldsmith and are placed inside an aedicule secured by an iron gate and two fifteenth - century walnut shutters. They are to be seen only on Holy Cross Day, the 3 May.