The New Collegiate Church

This church is called new Collegiate for it was built where the Trinity Oratory once stood. Its construction began in 1700 on a design by
Lazzaro Giosafatti and under the direction of Pietro Maggi. Some spoils from the demolition of St. Maria della Rocca were used on that occasion.
The main fašade is a mixture of Greek, Roman and Baroque styles. It is characterized by a big lunette displayng, in the middle, a mosaic of
Our Lady of Assumption, added in 1950, for the centenary of a miracle which saw the statue of Our Lady, still visible, move her eyes and
put an endto the existing plague. The statue is kept in the chapel of the transept along with the Prize of the Miracle. The interior, a Latin cross,
is divided into three naves and in the middle, close to the apse, there is a cupola in the shape of a small peripteral temple. The aisles host
several smaller altars decorated with canvasses by well - known local artsts. The inferior limbs of the church host two chapels flanked by two
flights of steps which lead into the crypt. The crypt hosts the cave of the Madonna of Lourdes by Professor Leoni Whose miniature details closey
resemble those of the original cave. It was built using spoils from Mount Ascensione in 1920. It is a very evocative place of worship and prayer.