The Serpente Aureo Theatre

The Theatre was originally located in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall and today it has not got a personal fašade yet, his entrance being
under the main arcade of the Town Hall. The current structure was built in 1820 on a design by Pietro Maggi and underwent renewal in 1862.
The theatre displays the shape of a horseshoe with 50 boxes distributed on 3 tiers, a gallery and a foyer recently restored and fully decorated
with stuccos and golden carvings. The vault, wholly decorated by Alcide Allevi, displays Apollo and the muses besides eight madellions
portraying the most eminent lyrics and prose authors. The whole room is dominated by an artistic crystal chandelier. The worthy stage
curtain dating back to 1926, displays the legend of the golden snake, from which the theatre took its name, by Giovanni Battista Magini.