Town Hall

Located on the main side of Piazza del Popolo, it is the symbol of the public and administrative life of Offida. The original structure,
dating back to the 11th - 12 th centuries, has gone through many chenges and restorations over the centuries. This brick construction
is characterized by a fourteenth - century tower crowned by swallow - tailed merlons on which a turret clock was added later.
The main fašade displays a particularly charming loggia consisting of 13 cylindrical travertine columns. At both sides of this loggia, there are
two coat of arms carved by locl sculptor Aldo Sergiacomi in 1932, representing respectively the Town Hall and the Savoy Family. The arcade
looking onto the square dates back to the 15th century and displays cylindrical columns surmounted by travertine capitals. A second arcade
flanks Corso Serpente Aureo and dates back to the 18th century. The most visible change undergone by the structure consists in a row of
swallow - tailled merlons added in 1924 on the upper sidewall of the main fašade. The inner rooms are very elegant and host the town council offices.