The Town Walls

The ancient walls, entering the town, are well kept and still visible today. According to historian Guglielmo Allevi, the original structure dates back to the 12 - 13 centuries, and a 1694 map by F. Fabiani cleary witnesses the presence of the fortress in that period. A square tower constituted the main gateway of the town to be entered through a drawbrige. The present structure dates back to the 15 century, when the new fortress was built on a design by architect Baccio Pontelli who, thinking of it as a military defence, gave the old fortress a circular shape and added a brick revetment which made bullets slide easily down its sides, during the numerous fights between the people of Ascoli and Offida. In 1493 the fortress was provided with an artillery to face up the shots of the enemies and to prevent the fortress itself. According to tradition, the artillery was removed and placed onto the fortalices of the Holy House in Loreto. The old fortress on the gateway, a square tower and smaller cylindrical fortress can still be admired today.