Regional Wine Shop and Tasting Room
Via Garibaldi, 75 - Tel 0736880005 / 0736888626

The opening of the Regional Wine Shop and Tasting Room within the evocative rooms of the old St. Francesco's monastery in 1999
was a very important event for local oenology. It is the second collection of vintage wines in the Marche, after that in Jesi, in the Ancona
district, thus representing an important stopover for those who wish to have a full picture of the different wines not only of the Piceno
territory, but of the whole region. Bottles labelled with their wine - producing firms are displayed on proper shelves which enable the
visitor to select the wine he wants. Within the regional collection of vintage wines premises, managed by the VINEA Company,
it is possible to taste wines served by experienced sommeliers who describe the most important features of each wine.
The most important event is certainly "Di Vino in Vino", the Market Fair of the Piceno hills which takes place every year
during the first week in September, when wines and can be tasted in and of the wine shop.