Rosso Piceno a ruby - red coloured wine, rather rich in taste. It has a characteristic and fine bouquet odour; its flavour is round and pleasantly dry. Rosso Piceno Superiore a ruby - red coloured wine turning darker with aging. It has a complex flavour, round and pleasantly dry.
Falerio dei Colli Ascolani it has a straw - yellow colour, rather amber like, a slightly scented flavour and a dry, savoury and slightly acidulous taste.
Offida Pecorino has a straw - yellow colour with greenish reflections. It has a characteristic and pleasant flavour.
Offida Passerina has a straw - yellow colour whit gold reflections, a pleasant flavour and a characteristic taste.
Offida Rosso has a ruby - red colour turning to garnet. Its flavour is pleasant, complex and ethereal. Its taste savoury and round.

Crustaceans and seafood are delicious whit the young Offida Pecorino and Offida Passerina Spumante, particulary appetizing with olive ascolane.
The old Offida Pecorino matches perfectly well with tasty main courses and poultry. The Offida Passerina can be served with fish and vegetable soups. Red Offida is a strong wine to be tasted with the saltiest dishes from Marche, such as the vincisgrassi. It is usually enhanced by red meats.