history of the vlurd

The first relevant historicl entry of the burning of canes dates from 1814,
according to an article by Guglielmo Allevi published in the
"Ophys" review on 3rd March 1895. This feast takes place on Shrove
Tuesday evening, when big bundles of reeds and straw are given fire
and carried through the streets of the city on people's shoulders until
they arrive in the main square where there is an enormous bonfire
around which people in costume dance and sing. The extinguishing
of fire is a metaphor for the end of carnival and the beginning of Lent.
From Piazza XX Settembre, hundreds of people in costume parade
through the streets among cries of joy and unbridled dances led by
the Ciorpento band playing and singing Addio Ninetta Addio, being the
traditional carnival hymn. The wonderful show of the high street bursting
into flames and clearly recalling the shape of a snake is not to be missed.