Bov Fint

Offida Carnival is mostly characterized by the feast of lu Bov Fint (dialect name for a fake ox) during which a fictious bull, which once was alive, is driven by two people who lead it through the streets of the city followed by a crowd of running people wearing the guazarņ or bullfighter cloth. The bull is made of a wooden frame and is covered with a white and red cloth. This is a very ancient tradition recalling the bullfights brought by the Spanish dominion. Notwithstanding time, this feast still holds its profound feature of folk ispiration. It takes place on the Friday before Lent starting in the afternoon from Cappuccini district to arrive in Piazza del Popolo. Several refreshing stopovers when you can eat and drink are spread along the way. Once in the square, in the evening, the bull is slaughtered in front of the town hall and then carried away while people sing Addio Ninetta Addio, an old traditional song. Furthermore, lu Bov Fint takes place in a smaller scale to get involved the children of the local primary school on Friday morning.