The Offida historical Carnival
The Offida Carnival's origins are lost in the past. They go back to the religious feasts of ancient populations celebrating the new year
and the beginning of spring for propitiatory purposes. Every year, this Carnival follows the same calendar as tradition dictates.
Its official opening is on 17 January, St. Anthony's Day. The last two Sundays are devoted to friends and relatives, while Saturdays
are animaded by joyful night - long parties held within Serpente Aureo Theatre. Among the events not to be missed there is "Bov Fint"
(the fake ox corrida) and the extraordinary parade of "Vlurd" which, taking place the last day, represents the end of Carnival.
Local people and worldwide visitors come to Offida Carnival not to passively admire elegant float parades but to get completely involved in a
real folk feast where, apart from rules and social conventions, enjoyment is compulsory, as if everyone was an actor whose symbolic performances unfold the most vital and instinctive forces. The most typical mask is the "guazzarò", a white linen tunic to be worn with a red neckerchief.

Bov FintVlurd